Saturday, May 16, 2009

i saw the words.

i chortle as patton does backflips in his grave. mark likes it; says if there was a gay patton it would be him.

lead on, mark. lead on.

youdontbelieveinhappinessbecauseitbringsyoudown. idiot.

exhibit 1. the bringing up of something unrelated to the discussion

i am. very.


it fucking rained last night. i secretly hoped for it to suddenly freeze and watch the world turn into a rink of ice. how pleasant.

What the hell happened Frank? What the hell? WHAT THE HELL?

Eve, calm down. This sort of stuff happens.
Yeah and I expected something like this to happen to someone else, not Paul of all people. Christ, what the HELL was he doing? I could just kill– [realizing what she has just said, she breaks down into a chair].
Eve, please…
How can you just sit there? Paul could be dead. Do you understand? What the hell…
Evelyn! Listen---
And why are you so fucking calm? You have no idea what the hell could be happening to him as we speak. He’s probably dead; is that what you wan---

you seem to think coherence is necessary. there is nothing necessary. one day all of this will come together and make some sense and not end up as a macauly culkin publication.

the plot sickens, indeed.

is there something any more sacred than a vase of flowers. they go untouched until they die. i wish i was that.

and i leave on a positive note. the sun shines, the wind blows, and it all is going to change, enjoy.

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