Tuesday, May 12, 2009

christmas skanking at duncan's.

the photocopier has gone mad. it seems as though the concept of committing tax fraud [even as a joke] pushed it over the edge. rest it's soul.

duncan called the other day mentioning his infamous christmas party. he's behind the times. or ahead. i can never tell.

it's may. i don't répondez s'il vous plaît. i have barely had time to regain my footing from the move home.

i continue to fold laundry as i replace my headphones to the upleft and upright positions.

2+2=5 - radiohead
neon bible - arcade fire
toop toop - cassius
erole attak - boys noize
get me away from here, i'm dying - belle and sebastian
bunny ain't no kind of rider - of montreal
cobwebs - animal collective
motor - sebastian
autumn in new york - billie holiday
the calendar hung itself... - bright eyes
john wayne gacy jr. - sufjan stevens

two and two always makes a five.

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