Friday, July 23, 2010

the articles of herons.

is the H silent in heron?
could it be an heron instead?

are there infinite possibilities
for the articles of herons?

now, imagine with me please
a figure more elegant than a heron.

i saw one from my car today
gliding, gliding, flapping, gliding.

i'm sorry that i fail to come up with
seventeen ways of looking at a heron.

i tried to reach out it from my car window.
it is a broken window; i could not.

so i started speaking about herons
in my car, alone.

look at that heron!
what a nice heron.

heron's say what?
YOU! heron.

i counted dozens of ways
to say heron in regular conversation.

i do fancy a heron after lunch!
what say we heron out of here...

a heron is inherently poetic.
have you read the latest heron?

i pulled over to see it
still circling above, around, around.

it hovered above me with no consequence.
and i began to scream:


it responded to neither.
this heron had no meaning.

how awful a creature must be
if one must speak its name and never be heard.


i do really hate birds, though.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i have situated myself in the present and will not leave like a churchgoer waiting for bread

old woman in the car in front of me,
no one understands your vanity plates.
you will die soon.
and soon they will not matter.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i live with you.

when i came home today
you were made
of chalk

i could not understand.

you were dusty and white

i could

and write all over the walls

how funny would it be to
snap !
your nose off
and make you a sphinx

not to mention my bowling average
would improve eightfold
by simply hugging you

i could hoooooooold and caressssss your cheek

but you would make my hands dry,


and i thought of our lives together then
how a simple rearrangement of atoms
made you so god damned tiring to be with.

ART! that is what i should make you
put you in the garden
watch the birds rest on you

however, the elements consume elements
and (you idiot) became one

i'll keep you in the bedroom then.

but then i thought
how awful the sex must be
with a man made of chalk!

i couldn't think of why you were chalk
i thought you had died

(in shock)

i didn't know what to do
or who to call

so i left you in the living room.

i went to work in the morning
hoping that you would

come back to life (like chalk does)
no longer elemental

soak up some water

but when i came home
you were still

and then i really could not understand

why you were made
of chalk.