Friday, July 23, 2010

the articles of herons.

is the H silent in heron?
could it be an heron instead?

are there infinite possibilities
for the articles of herons?

now, imagine with me please
a figure more elegant than a heron.

i saw one from my car today
gliding, gliding, flapping, gliding.

i'm sorry that i fail to come up with
seventeen ways of looking at a heron.

i tried to reach out it from my car window.
it is a broken window; i could not.

so i started speaking about herons
in my car, alone.

look at that heron!
what a nice heron.

heron's say what?
YOU! heron.

i counted dozens of ways
to say heron in regular conversation.

i do fancy a heron after lunch!
what say we heron out of here...

a heron is inherently poetic.
have you read the latest heron?

i pulled over to see it
still circling above, around, around.

it hovered above me with no consequence.
and i began to scream:


it responded to neither.
this heron had no meaning.

how awful a creature must be
if one must speak its name and never be heard.


i do really hate birds, though.

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