Wednesday, June 23, 2010

YOU!, heron.

pitchfork, i shall read you
like a bible.
one day,
i shall resent you
like a catholic child.

my car smells like fish.

my mentor is leaving. i'm a bird out of the nest now.
the egg has not even begun to hatch yet.

also, a playlist for the week,

  • younger us - japandroids
  • niobe - caribou
  • goth star - pictureplane
  • hyph mngo - joy orbison
  • solitude is bliss - tame impala
  • the screen - atlas sound
  • sun was high (so was i) - best coast
  • something in common - free energy
  • hilarious movie of the 90's (manitoba remix) - four tet
  • papermill - madvillain

good night, jury.
good night, judge.
good night.
good night.
good morning.

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