Wednesday, May 19, 2010

o, dear.

playlist of the week:
  • only pieces - here we go magic
  • starter - boys noize
  • where is away? - luke temple
  • odessa - caribou
  • olympians - fuck buttons
  • do the astral plane - flying lotus
  • used to be - beach house
  • f.x.n.c. - the samps
  • sylvia - the antlers
  • have one on me - joanna newsom
  • canada - treasure

exhibit 21. we will all be here one day.

there was this fox they caught outside of work the other day
there were all these cops and people watching
they had it on a string
children watched it writhe in the restraint,

i saw a robin pulling a worm when i left that day.
i felt nothing.

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