Saturday, August 1, 2009

houston, nathan has a problem: he's in space.

exhibit 15: correct me if i'm wrong, but that's incest. no wonder they were struck down.

renew jam: islands. it's too happy, and too good to not listen to.

focus on: bnr. yes. doing so. unimpressed. the only saving grace of such an album is the occasional heaviness of 2 brothers known as shadowdancer. soap is an epic track. housi is an epic track. the rest is fair at best.

enough of that.


and they still make girl bands? disappointing. do better.

it's not my musical douchebaggery, it's just i've heard them, and i've heard enough, and i don't like what i've heard. my assessment is as follows: }gender{ bands are so fourth grade. they pass in and out of culture and leave the same mark as the last, that is, if they make any mark at all. they perform like banana peels in the hands of a pubescent male: used for one function and thrown out.

maybe i just like indie shit. but let's be honest here: no matter how good the track is, the band isn't perfect. no band is perfect. i prove this point by saying that i believe radiohead (there i said it) is not a perfect band.

maybe it's generational, or worse, gender based. ugh. that would suck. and it probably isn't true. i mean, you know that cher and barbara are still billionaires because of two words: gay people. but i don't listen to them, and i know that the stereotype is just that: a stereotype.

and maybe i'm still bitter about getting my heart broken by a fan of these bands. it's like a freudian association or some shit like that. he was an asshole, not the people who made the music.

but their music still is not "good".

gasoline, saccharine
hotel, taco bell

"nathan, you sit there wishing for something to happen and you just need to get out there."
"it's no use. i'm banned from the club. they got my picture and shit."
"so? go punch out the guys with the picture. they know why they have the picture, but it doesn't tell them how hard you hit."

thank you dana

on that note, the albion community will be shocked at the party i'm throwing next year. the vinyl is in, and the equipment is set up.

next week: art is supposed to comment on culture... right? damn.

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